Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Kissimmee FL Ivette Testimonial

"Dr. Moore is truly the best doctor I know & his staff is amazing. I recommend the clinic to anyone. There you will get the best care & the best customer service."

- D. Ivette

Chiropractic Kissimmee FL Meyers Testimonial

"Dr. Moore has helped me feel good for years! I'm so thankful for his dedication to health and wellness. His approach is simple and effective. The staff is friendly too."

- L. Meyers

Chiropractic Kissimmee FL Jennifer and Tony Testimonial

"Dr. Moore and his staff are wonderful they really care about there patients and has helped me tremendously."

- J. and T. Ordonez

"I suffer from scoliosis in my lower back and I carry a lot of tension on my shoulders causing me to have constant pain. To make matters more complicated I became pregnant. The news of having a baby was exciting but my one concern was how my back was going to react to the body changes throughout my pregnancy. Thanks to Family Wellness Center I was able to have a successful pregnancy. the doctor treated the tension in my back and was very attentive to treating any pain that arose from my pregnancy including and not limited to my hips, lumbar & more. Not only did he treat me from a chiropractor perspective but he also took a personal interest in my well-being & provided me advice throughout my pregnancy that helped me greatly in having a healthy pregnancy."

- Adamarys R.

"Before wellness Program - I was only mildly active. I would walk about a mile 1-2X a week, took a relaxation yoga about 2x a week. Ate fairly healthy - or so I thought.I did not have a good amount of energy - felt fatigued on most days - sluggish, unmotivated. I rarely schedule to do anything during my work week and even sometimes on weekends just stayed home. Over about a year and half prior to my wellness experience, I watched my brother Dennis go from being sluggish like me and unable to figure out the best nutrition for him to having this incredible energy, strength and passion for sharing what he'd learned at Dr. Moore's. His skin glowed and he was growing new hair! Seeing his transformation motivated me too."

- Jennifer H.

"I had for many years the challenge of suffering with lower back pains and have been to numerous chiropractor and therapist. They have their techniques but upon coming for treatment to Dr. Bryon Moore and receiving therapy from Laura, I feel I have finally come love to stay for two are by far the best in the field.

May God bless all of you for what you do, to help those in need of your knowledge and having who you are.

P.S. Dr. Moore I'm sure many people doesn't receive hugs. I think you are a blessing!"

- Joyce L.

"I was amazed after my first visit to Doctor Bryon Moore! I've always tried to kick 6 feet above the floor and the day Dr. Bryon Stretched my back. I feel a lot better and the next day at my taekwondo class I finally reached my goal and kicked 6 feet above the floor. I was very happy, all thanks to Dr. Bryon Moore.

I definitely recommend Dr. Moore to everyone!"

- Sara L. B.

"After seven months of the "traditional" medical approach to my nagging back pain, which included x-ray, MRI's, medication and potential of cortizon shots in my spine (none of this worked and medical bills were in the hundreds of dollars). I decided to give Dr. Moore & Kissimmee Family Wellness Center a try.

Within one week of treatment my pain has been decreased dramatically!

The entire staff is upbeat and very helpful. They provided me with treatment options and what the treatment would cost. Mind you the price is significantly less than the "traditional" approach and the end result are amazing! Thank you so much!


- Thomas M.

"Before meeting Dr. Moore I was experiencing daily pain in the upper area of my back & neck. The pain was interfering with my quality of life. I was having trouble sleeping, walking or just the daily activities of taking care of my family. I have to say that after receiving excellent care at Dr. Moore’s office I am feeling great. Dr. Moore has taught me how to live a more positive lifestyle which includes eating better, exercising, yoga, strength building, etc. I am deeply forever grateful to Dr. Moore and his staff for the patience and kindness shown to me."

- Aracelis B.

"I have had these pains for over 10 years and have been taking Oxycontin and Tramidol. I had tried everything else and chiropractic was my last resort. Before treatment I was in constant pain. My left hip, back and leg were throwing me way off balance and I wasn’t sleeping well at night. After treatment most of my balance has been better and I’m not in constant pain like I was in the past. I also have been sleeping better and moving easier. I find the service and the friendliness of the staff and doctor to be excellent. I have done some heavy duty pills that didn’t do anything but make me even more sick and take my money. Kissimmee Family Wellness Center is the way to go, no pills and no major doctor expenses. Nice people who want to work with you instead of just prescribing drugs and other doctors visit."

- Scott B.

"I suffered some injuries as a result of a car accident. Started my treatment at Kissimmee Family Wellness Center and my pains have improved significantly. I am very satisfied with Dr. Bryon Moore who has been very informative, patient and caring along with the entire staff at his facility. Mrs. Wanda, the receptionist, Jason & Maribel, the Massage Therapist, Nardett the exercise lady and Emmy are all exceptional and very friendly. In the meantime I will continue coming and I know that my condition at this time will continue getting better and better. Keep up the good work! Thanks again,"

- Carmen O.

"I came to the chiropractor 2 months ago with a lot of pain in my right shoulder, wrist and my hips (both) which I was experiencing for a couple of years. After receiving treatment for my condition I feel much better I would say 90% better than I was before. Thanks for helping me feeling better. The staff and the doctor are VERY, VERY good. The benefits I have received from the chiropractic care with Dr. Moore has been tremendous. It is really worth it!"

- Jose W.

"Before my treatment I was experiencing lower back pain all the time, upper arm and shoulder pain and neck pain constantly, and joint pain. Since I have been coming to Dr. Moore I have decreased all pain in my lower and upper back and neck. Pain in my joints have lessened. I have learned to eat better and healthier. I think overall it has helped me to become a healthier person. This wellness program was very helpful with the way I want to live my life and better ways of taking care of me!"

- Cassandra L.

"Dear Dr. Moore and Team: Thank you for the delicious and healthy Turkey! It was the best I had ever eaten!! My girls enjoyed it too! Your generosity is overwhelming! Thanks for being a great wellness program support as well! You are truly changing my life- in a very good way!"

- Jen H.

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